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盛世收藏精品推荐 光绪元宝壹组

【藏.荐】栏 为藏品强大的传播效应向各位买家推荐经国家一级鉴定专家甄选的艺术珍品,为藏家牵线搭桥,让千百件艺术珍品价值被发掘与重视,在拍卖会上得以高价成交。Column for the collection of powerful dissemination effect to each buyer recommended by the national expert selection of art treasures, for collectors matchmaking, let thousands of art treasures value was discovered and take seriously, in the auction to clinch a deal at a high price.



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[Name] Guangxu silver ingot group one

[Category] miscellaneous

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户部一两是中国银本位货币制度的最精美的代表,为了体现满清皇权制度在货币领域的权威,其设计制造者不计成本地进行了精美绝伦的设计。其艺术水准、防伪能力迄今没有被超越。鉴于其库平一两的重量设计与库平七钱二分的国际、国内市场惯例不符,制作成本过高,自1903年下半年制作一批后,一直没有流通,就被回炉,所以旷世罕见。就该币本身而言,其艺术价值远超其文物价值。The ministry of household one or two is the most exquisite representative of China's silver standard monetary system. In order to reflect the authority of the manchu imperial power system in the monetary field, its design makers carried out exquisite and unsurpassed designs regardless of cost. Its artistic level, anti - counterfeiting ability has not been surpassed so far. Due to the fact that the weight design of kuping one and two is inconsistent with the international and domestic market practice of kuping seven cents and two cents, the production cost is too high. Since the second half of 1903, a batch of it has not been circulated and was returned to the furnace, so it is rare in the world. As far as the coin itself is concerned, its artistic value far exceeds its cultural value.

光绪元宝户部库平一两(简称户部一两)开模压制时是一系列共5种面值,分别为一两、五钱、二钱、一钱及五分;小银币的图案相同,只是尺寸缩小、面额更改。经实际测量,一两币的直径是43.4毫米,边缘高起处尺寸在3.1毫米,比例值为14:1,确实在文献上记载的规范之间。重量是标准库平一两的37.3克。“库平”是清政府用银的标准,通行于全国,在光绪二十一年(1895年)签署的《马关条约》中的规定是每两重37.31256克,一般简称为37.3克,各地方在实行上则稍有出入。已经发现的样币重量却有36.2克、37克等多种,以贵金属币误差都是在千分之三的规定来说,与标准库平一两的37.3克差异颇大。Kuaiping one two (short for one or two) is a series of five denominations, namely one or two, five, two, one and five cents. The design of the small coin is the same, but the size is reduced and the denomination changed. According to the actual measurement, the diameter of one or two COINS is 43.4 mm, the height of the edge is 3.1 mm, and the scale value is 14:1, which is indeed between the specifications recorded in the literature. The weight is 37.3 grams of standard cupping. "Kuping" is the standard of silver used by the qing government, which is widely used in the whole country. In the treaty of shimonoseki signed in the 21st year of the guangxu reign (1895), the requirement was 37.31256 grams per double weight, which is generally referred to as 37.3 grams. The sample coin weight that has been discovered has 36.2 gram, 37 gram however wait for a variety of kinds, with precious metal coin error is in the regulation of 3 thousandths, with standard kuo ping 37.3 gram of two difference is quite big.

在清代为了流通兑换行用时的方便,官铸的很多面值是一两的银币多有铸成实重为库平七钱二分的壹圆型银币版式。如戊申吉字大清银币库平一两、户部光绪元宝库平一两、光绪三十年湖北省造光绪元宝库平一两、中外通宝关平银一两等等,都有实际重量为一两型和重库平七钱二分的流通壹圆型两种版式。重库平七钱二分的壹圆型硬币实际重量为26.7g左右,外径大小为39mm,厚度2.5mm。该版铸造模具不同于实重库平一两版,仅作为军饷流通过,存世量稀少,下图为光绪元宝实重七钱二两流通壹圆型真品。正面“光绪元宝”以及所有文字的笔划中均藏有圆点形暗记,丝毫不影响文字书法的大气沉稳。In the qing dynasty, for the convenience of circulation and exchange Banks, many official COINS with a face value of one or two were mostly in the form of one round silver coin with a solid weight of seven COINS and two cents in kuping. Such as wu shenji word da-qing silver coin kuping one two, the ministry of household guangxu yuan treasure house pingyi two, thirty years of the guangxu hubei province made kuangxu yuan treasure house pingyi two, Chinese and foreign tongbao guanping silver one or two and so on, have the actual weight of one or two and heavy kuping seven cents circulation two circular two format. The actual weight of the coin is about 26.7g, with an outer diameter of 39mm and a thickness of 2.5mm. This version of casting mold is different from the real weight storehouse flat one or two, only as the military pay circulation, rare in the world, the picture below is the guangxu ingot real weight seven COINS two circulation one round genuine. Positive "guangxu silver ingot" and all the characters in the stroke are hidden in the dot shape secret, not affect the atmosphere of the calligraphy composed.

户部库平一两为中国最大的机制龙银,在筹划之际朝野都寄予厚望,譬如光绪二十八年海关报告书中即记载:“袁宫保急图整顿,即拟铸一两重之银币,实于北方不无裨益。从来洋元虽按两计,并无一两重者,若能照一两广铸行使,当有准则矣。”可惜清政府举棋不定未能修成正果。户部一两可由“两”字笔法从“人”、或“入”分为两版。由于留存数额极少,在“民国八九之间,平津市值,每套不下三百金,今且数倍过之矣。”前辈张伯在1940年9月《泉币》第二期上如是说。As the largest mechanism of longyin in China, ku-ping no. 1 and no. 2 of the ministry of household had high hopes for it. For example, according to the customs report in the 28th year of the reign of emperor guangxu, "yuan gongbao urgently planned to rectify the situation, that is, to cast a silver coin of one or two weights. Even though a foreign dollar is counted in two ways, it has never been counted in two ways. If it can be used in one or two provinces, there should be a criterion." Unfortunately, the qing government's indecision failed to bring about a successful outcome. The ministry of one ambiguous by "two" word from "people", or "into" into two versions. Due to the small amount retained, "between 1989 and 1989, the market value of pingjin was no less than 300 gold pieces per set, which is several times more than today." Zhang bo said so in the second issue of spring coin in September 1940.

庚子年爆发的“义和团事件”导致当时兼造银币的北洋机器局毁于战火。次年袁世凯接替故世的李鸿章为直隶总督,翌年奏准在河北西窑洼护卫营址(今天津大悲禅院旧址)设厂,光绪二十八年十一月十六日(1902年12月15日)该厂正式开铸,命名“北洋铸造银元总局”。随后按照袁世凯指示,进行一两银币的制造,并委托日本正金银行代办模具。经其洽询日本大阪造币局,该厂认为若以边缘凸起处为准,硬币的直径应为其14倍或15倍;如以钱币本身地章处的厚度为准,则直径应在17至18倍。以这样的比例为标准,一两银币的直径应比七钱二分币加大一成为宜。一则可以防止新旧混淆,二则直径与厚度的比例大,轻敲时音脆,可避免声音混浊不易分别优劣,造成百姓的误会。The boxer rebellion incident in the year of boxer rebellion led to the destruction of the beiyang machine bureau, which also produced silver COINS. Yuan shikai succeeded li hongzhang as the governor of zhili province in the following year. In the following year, he was allowed to set up a factory at the site of the guard camp in xiyaowa, hebei (the site of today's da-bei temple). Then according to yuan shikai instructions, the production of one or two silver COINS, and the commission of the bank of Japan is gold for mold. Upon consultation with the Osaka mint, it was found that the diameter of the coin should be 14 or 15 times that of the coin in the case of a raised edge. The diameter of the coin should be 17 to 18 times the thickness of the stamp itself. At this scale, the diameter of a silver coin or two should be one greater than that of seven cents. On the one hand, it can prevent the confusion between the old and the new; on the other hand, the ratio of diameter to thickness is large, and the sound is crisp when tapping, which can avoid the sound turbidity and difficult to distinguish the good from the bad, resulting in the misunderstanding of the common people.

北洋银元局依照此建设制作饼,经试压证明薄者音清脆、厚者音沉闷。在袁世凯批准后试制了六七千枚,但没有发行,原因不明。从截止于2013年的存世量来看,绝大多数都被回炉改铸,泉界习称此为“户部一两”银币。由于在日本大阪造币局的沿革年表中,亦有“1903年6月,清国委托货币模具25组制造完成”的记载,足以证明此一两的模具来自日本。自“光绪元宝户部一两”银币背面的英文“29th year of kuang hsu”,可知其模具之雕刻及试作均在此光绪二十九年。Beiyang silver bureau according to the construction of the production of cakes, the test pressure proved that the thin sound clear, thick sound dull. After yuan shikai approved the trial production of 6,000 or 7,000 pieces, but did not release, the reason is unknown. As of 2013, most of the COINS have been remold into silver COINS, which quanjie xi called "one or two COINS from the ministry of household". In the chronology of the Osaka mint bureau of Japan, there is also a record that "in June 1903, the qing dynasty commissioned 25 sets of monetary moulds to be made", which is sufficient to prove that these two moulds came from Japan. From the "29th year of kuang hsu" on the back of the silver coin, we can see that both the engraving and trial production of the moulds will be made in the 29th year of kuang hsu.

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